FNstudio is a Python and Django web agency.

We build brilliant applications and websites that can help you to improve your business. We are passionate about Free and Open Source Software. We love clean code and best practices. We are based in London.

For any question, get in touch at info@fnstudio.co.uk.


World Food Programme
The World Food Programme, part of the United Nations, is the world's largest organization addressing hunger. One of our developers worked as team leader in one of the WFP internal technical teams.
2ndQuadrant is one of the leading authorities on the open source PostgreSQL RDBMS. We are developing a dedicated Django application that will help 2ndQuadrant in managing their training courses and conferences.
OpenMunicipio is a not for profit open-government project, initiated by Openpolis and InformaEtica associations. One of our developers was involved in the project.
Navionics is one of the world leading companies in electronic cartography. Tuning of their internal issue tracking system. Training on Agile development.

Who we are

Fabio Natali
Python/Django developer. Fabio is a vegan and an animal rights advocate. Goes crazy for Indian cuisine.
Gab Scali
An experience designer and digital innovator since the early 90s, Gab is an aspiring renaissance man, who loves technology and art.


195 Brockley Rise, London, SE23 1NL